The Little Guy who Showed up in the Mail

Yesterday the mail carrier brought me a padded envelope. Inside the envelope was a mint tin. Inside the mint tin was…a little guy.

Lego Scott

Meet Lego Scott.

Lego Scott bears an uncanny resemblance to his new owner. He even has a laptop that opens! (Judging by the proportions, it has a gigantic screen.)

And he even has his very own C: prompt coffee mug.

Who knows: perhaps someone in the Scott residence will put together Lego Desk and/or Lego Big Man Chair.

Thanks, M—–l!

Leslie Nielsen 1926-2010

Well, I’d hoped this was just a Twitter rumor, but apparently it’s not. Actor Leslie Nielsen has passed away at 84.

I think my favorite Nielsen moment (aside from “don’t call me Shirley,” which probably tops a lot of lists) is in The Naked Gun 2 1/2 when the bad guy tells Drebin (Nielsen): “I want the pleasure of killing you myself.”

With gravity and an edge of menace, Drebin replies, “The pleasure is all mine.”

Nielsen did great slapstick (like trashing the office of Ricardo Montalban’s villain in The Naked Gun), but his biggest asset was delivering absurdity with utter solemnity and dignity. Lt. Drebin was clueless nearly all the time, and Nielsen played that flawlessly, remaining completely unflappable—or acknowledging some massive screwup with little more than an “oops” look—throughout the chaos Drebin created.

Which is not to shortchange Nielsen’s career as a dramatic actor. On the contrary, he probably wouldn’t have been so funny without it: he inhabited Drebin as a character, instead of clowning with him as a schtick.

So long, Leslie. We’ll miss you.

Closing Thoughts for 2007

If I’ve posted nothing else by 12:00 AM EST, it’s safe to assume I’ve thought of no more profound reflection on 2007 than this: I joined Vox. Bang the drum.

(Maybe I should have chosen “trixon” as my Vox URL? Ooh, that looks cool. Or “trixon-wgermany”? Hmm. Naaah. I like the Voxy URL I’ve got.)

Happy New Year to everyone, Voxers and non-Voxers alike.