Doorknob Monday 11/29/2010

Sailor Knobbo is perplexed: how is he going to hang this wreath on the door? Pushing it this far was easy, but now…what a conundrum! And he still has to straighten out that rumpled ribbon at the top. At least he is pleased at how nicely his little cap blends into the holiday theme.

Sailor Knobbo Struggles with the Christmas Decorations

Leslie Nielsen 1926-2010

Well, I’d hoped this was just a Twitter rumor, but apparently it’s not. Actor Leslie Nielsen has passed away at 84.

I think my favorite Nielsen moment (aside from “don’t call me Shirley,” which probably tops a lot of lists) is in The Naked Gun 2 1/2 when the bad guy tells Drebin (Nielsen): “I want the pleasure of killing you myself.”

With gravity and an edge of menace, Drebin replies, “The pleasure is all mine.”

Nielsen did great slapstick (like trashing the office of Ricardo Montalban’s villain in The Naked Gun), but his biggest asset was delivering absurdity with utter solemnity and dignity. Lt. Drebin was clueless nearly all the time, and Nielsen played that flawlessly, remaining completely unflappable—or acknowledging some massive screwup with little more than an “oops” look—throughout the chaos Drebin created.

Which is not to shortchange Nielsen’s career as a dramatic actor. On the contrary, he probably wouldn’t have been so funny without it: he inhabited Drebin as a character, instead of clowning with him as a schtick.

So long, Leslie. We’ll miss you.

It’s Always Nick Cave O’Clock

Nick Cave’s “Nature Boy” via YouTube does not want me to embed it on WordPress. (More grumbling about record companies and silly rules and shooting themselves in the foot and blah blah blah blah.) But it’s more than worth the click through to see it. The song is just about as goddamn good as it gets—and what a sweetly simple video to go with it. Quote me Sappho in the original Greek, baby.

(Gear geek side note: is Nick rocking a Shure Prologue 10 mic? I have one of those, and…well, it looks and feels a whole lot better than it sounds. Which is probably why it’s in service here for lip-syncing.)

Wherein a Case Is Made for Turning the Comments Back On

Me: When I migrated to WordPress from Vox, I decided to disable comments on older posts.

Alternate-Universe Me: Oh, for the love of Mary, are you kidding me? You’re going to write a goddamn post about whether to turn the comments on? Can’t you just make a decision? I mean, more than a month ago you wrote that whole long post about having a separate private blog, and where are we now? Anyone seen a private blog? Noooo! So when do the comments get turned back on? Sometime in 2012? You know, the superstitious douchebags are all saying we won’t even make it through that year, so you’d better hurry the hell up!

Me: I’m sorry you’re upset, Alternate-Universe Me. I just wanted to explain to the nice people why I turned off comments on older posts. It’s partly because I thought it would be weird if fresh conversations sprang up around those old posts. I don’t know…in some vague way, it just seemed incongruous.

AUM: Oh, yeah, Mr. Sensitive Aesthete over here won’t let people talk on his blog because it’s incongruous. “Look at me! I’m a little baby and I use big words! Meh meh meh meh!”

Me: Have you been drinking, Alternate-Universe Me?

AUM: Gilbey’s and Sunny D. Nothing finer.

Me: Ew.

AUM: Wuss.

Me: Um…anyway, the other reason I turned off comments was that all those open comment boxes seemed like they might be big magnets for spam.

AUM: Oh, FINE. So your mind is made up, huh? Never gonna turn those comments on, huh? Loser.

Me: No, actually, I’ve thought about it some more, and I think I’ll turn the comments back on. Why not continue the discussion when someone wants to? It’s not like I expect hordes of irate commenters to swarm in here and start massive flame wars. And as for spam—there’s hardly been any on my newer posts, and Akismet caught that.

AUM: Man. I cannot feel my faking fuss. I mean, my…eh, whatever.

Me: I’m heading out, Alternate-Universe Me. You sure you’re all right?

AUM: OH yeah. Got my Doritos. I’m a watch a movie. Where’s my copy of Beetlejuice? Best. Movie. EVER.

Me: Eek.